Sunday, October 07, 2012

Recovery run

Out today for a very relaxed recovery run. My new racing flats which I had worn for the half yesterday had left their mark on a few of my toes - they are the same size that I always have so not sure what happened. I think I may lose a few toenails as a result.

Anyway, apart from the toes I was feeling fine. All up 11.1kms in 47:30 (4:17's).

That's 82.3kms for the week. Speed sessions will be the focus for the rest of the year.

Here's a photo from the half. I was just completing my first lap and the pigeons had to take evasive action...


Anonymous said...


Great blog.

Just a couple of questions if you don't mind but what racing flats did buy plus how often do replace your runners?

Plus what's your daily diet like on an average day plus do you supplement your training with any gym work ie.corework, weights, plyometrics etc..?

Thanks and keep up the great running.

BeerMatt said...

I have been using the Asics DS racers the last couple of years. The styling on the brand new pair I have is a little different to the previous model. Basically the same shoe though. My normal runners (Asics GT 2170 are the latest ones I have) - I would replace these every 4 months or so (approx 1,500 kms per pair).

Daily diet - I don't watch what I eat much. Pretty basic diet - muesli or porridge for brekfast, sandwiches or rolls for lunch. Then a normal cooked tea. I don't eat much fruit/veg which I know is shocking. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth so eat a fair bit of rubbish between meals (plus I like the odd beer)...

No gymwork done. I've never found the time for those 1 percenters that could give you that extra edge. I will make the effort to get a massage every month but my basic training is the daily run - no secret training done on top of that.

Good luck with your training and let me know if you have any other questions. Matt