Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blustery recovery run

Legs marginally better. Outside in the wind. Gradually wound up the pace and it took me around 25 minutes to get into my recovery zone. But once there I managed to hold it - note I'm running sub 3:40/km pace to hold it...

All up 14.8kms today in 55:43 (3:46's).

Long threshold run planned tomorrow. I'll aim for 75 minutes so that's going to be at least a half marathon. This training is killing me!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Track session

Wasn't sure whether to even bother. After the second threshold run yesterday my legs got worse and I was struggling on the stairs. Pathetic really - it was like I'd ran a marathon.

A 3.5km warm-up and then onto the track for some strides. I then ran my 4 lapper and that was slow and I just couldn't get the legs moving - completed in 5:10 all in my recovery zone.

I thought I'd try a few 400's to see how they went. Not good - all around 71/72 seconds and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out of my recovery zone. I completed the set of 12 (stubbornness) - to think just over a week ago I was running them in 66's...

A 3.5km warm-down. Strangely enough the legs felt a bit better after. I guess that's because I was in my recovery zone!

All up 13.4kms.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Legs in bits

Well the legs weren't good after getting carried away yesterday. The quads were so sore it felt like they were injured. Anyway, another threshold run was on the cards - so I decided to get outside and break it up into 4 x 3km efforts.

2.2km warm-up and then started. First effort I ran really hard but the heart rate just wouldn't lift. I just about got into the correct zone at the end of the 10 minutes. The second one was a bit better but it still took me a kay to get up there. Then doubled back for the 3rd and 4th effort coming back. Similar pattern to the second effort.

I suppose it wasn't a bad effort given that my legs were so tired. But kicking myself for being so stupid yesterday. A 2.2km warm-down to give me 16.4kms for the day.

Here's my write-up in the Mayo Advertiser. I feel like my life is complete!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back to the treadmill

My last treadmill run was August 21st. The coach had told me to get outside and toughen up a bit which the road running will do. It's been easy to be honest with the weather we've been having - no excuse not to get out there. But today it was hammering down rain and the wind was back. So I took the easy option...

A 10 minute warm-up (2.5kms) and then I ramped the speed up to 18.5kms/hour (3:15/km pace) for a threshold run. The heart rate slowly crept up so I kept nudging the speed up until I hit 3:10/km pace. At about 10 minutes I was in zone and I kept the speed the same. Through 5km in 16:07 and then thought I'd try and hold the pace until 10km. That was fine but the heart rate was soon creeping up to the top of the zone. Between 8 and 10 I was basically on the limit at HR 152 but I managed to hold it clocking 15:53 for the second 5km to give me a 10 km time of 32 minutes flat. I then lowered the speed and ran a further 8 minutes in the threshold zone to give me 40 minutes in total (12.3kms).

A 2.0km warm-down and I was done. All up 16.8kms. I was pretty done for at the end and the sweat was something else.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Better recovery

One more recovery run. Same route as yesterday and this time a little quicker and more in zone, Time 47:22 for 12.6kms (3:46's).

I must say that the running weather the last few months has been absolutely glorious. People training for Dublin have been blessed. I say that as the weather is predicted to turn tomorrow.....wet and windy...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sort of recovery

I thought it would be a bit easier to get into the recovery zone today after the race and beers. No, it still required around 3:40/km pace. I tried pushing the pace in a few sections but the legs weren't really willing so I was always a couple of beats down on where I wanted to be.

All up 12.6kms in 48:07 (3:49's). Still not a bad effort.

Here's a photo from yesterday taken just after the start:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breaffy 10km

About an hour to get to Breaffy. Conditions were superb - nice and sunny and very little wind - as good as you could hope for.

Arrived and did all the normal stuff. Then a couple of slow kms warm-up. Then changed into the racing flats and vest and ran a hard 3 minute effort just before the start to get the blood flowing.

A few good guys in the race so was hoping for some company. The race started and Michael Canty took the lead and I was running quick to keep up. A nice downhill section and then a twisty climb around the church. Then a bit of confusion as we hit the main road with me going left and Michael going right. I took the lead and with a quick first km it was time to push on.

Running down the hard shoulder for the next couple of kms and I was ticking along nicely but at the same time I was right on the limit. Just before 3km we took a left turn and I'd opened up a handy lead. 

The next section of the course was predominantly flat but there were a few lumps and bumps to keep you honest. Very difficult to get into a rhythm and after going through 5km I'd just about run my race and was hanging on. Just before 6km we took a sharp left hand turn and then the fun and games really started. A series of nasty drags that kept repeating. I was really struggling but kept pushing on using the same old mind games that we use in races.

Between 7 and 8km was a very long uphill section. I looked up the road and for as far as I could see the road just kept going - all up, up, up. It had to get easier after 8km and even though I'd slowed a good bit, I was waiting for some nice downhill to help me home. Well that wasn't to happen - after 8km the course certainly flattened out but the long downhill stretch never came. Through 9km and I knew I'd have to dig in hard the last km to get the PB.

Past the start line and then a nice short downhill. Then the slow grind up round the school to see the finish line only a few short metres ahead. As I approached it was showing 31:57, 31:58, 31:59 and I threw myself at the line just before it ticked over to 32. Thankfully the official result came in at 31:59!

Left nothing out there today. A good course but not super quick by any means. Still a good solo run and at the same time I know I can do better on a quicker course with some people to run with.

A warm-down with John Byrne. All up 16.4kms for the day.

A few beers in the evening whilst watching the darts, Wadey should have won but missed some vital doubles in the 7th set letting MVG in for the title.

84.2kms for the week. A few recovery days and then back into it next week.



1 2:59 144
2 3:07 153
3 3:13 154
4 3:07 154
5 3:08 155 (15:34)
6 3:18 156
7 3:14 156
8 3:21 157
9 3:19 156
10 3:13 157 (16:25)

Total 31:59

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gentle 7.1km

Out of zone run just to turn the legs over. Felt really strange running slow - almost more effort then when you're ticking over at recovery speed.

Time 31:15 for 7.1kms (4:24's). Average heart rate 114 and my recovery zone HR starts at 131,,,

Beautiful conditions for running. Very cool and still - perfect if it's like this tomorrow...

Wadey into the final of the darts to play MVG,

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sub 3:40's for recovery...

Another recovery run. Time 39;18 for 10.7kms (3:40/km).

Incredible really how much my 'recovery' pace has improved this year. Here are the splits for today's run:

3:48 / 3:45 / 3:34 / 3:37 / 3:37 / 3:39 / 3:39 / 3:42 / 3:38 / 3:47 then 2:33 for the last 700m.

The first 2 were 'warm-up' so easily sub 3:40 pace looking at the next 7km. To think I used to be around 4:15/km pace for recovery runs - I'm now at least 30 to 35 seconds per km quicker.

That's it now before the race on Sunday...

Thursday, October 09, 2014

4 x 11 mins threshold

A 2.2km warm-up, then 4 x 11 mins threshold off a minute, then a 2.0km warm-down.

Ran hard at the start of the first 11 minutes and it took an eternity for the HR to climb into my threshold zone (at least 5 minutes). Then each rep thereafter I was getting nicely into the zone.

Paces were okay each segment:

3:21 / 3:20 / 3:22 / 3:25

That's 17.6kms for the day.

Great darts to watch in the evening with James Wade and Robert Thornton both hitting 9 darters in their match against each other. This is a double-in double-out format and it's only been done on TV once before then twice in the same match! Wadey going on to win the match in the deciding set.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Wednesday run

Same run as Monday - a bit slower covering the 11.1kms in 42:03 (3:47's). All in zone except for the warm-uppy but at the start.

A few strides at the end and job done.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

8 x 400

Back to the track. A Bruton lap as warm-up, then some strides and no 1600 this week to kick things off...

I basically ran them all hard. Conditions were good and only a bit of a breeze on the home straight. Each one I managed to get a bit quicker. I started with a 66.9 and finished with a 64.3 and the average was 65.8. Pretty good and I was toast after really pushing the last one.

Another Bruton lap to warm-down. Only 10.2kms today....

Monday, October 06, 2014

Cold but still

Travelled back from London and ran when I got back to Galway. The temperatures had dropped 10 degrees and it was bloody cold. Good for running though and I covered my 11.1kms in 41:17 (3:43's). A few strides at the end.

The plan is to race on Sunday so I'll pull it back a bit this week. There are a few 10km options and I'll basically go with the course that looks the quickest!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

A recovery run, A total of 13.3kms in 53:11 around the Royal Parks. And I didn't get lost once. That's just under 4 minute clicks but zone-wise I was well short of my recovery zone.

Out in the evening with the wife for a nice meal and a few drinks. London is great though I fear I may have to extend the limit on my credit card...

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Another London threshold

Similar to yesterday but this time I was going to do 10 minute efforts (x 4).

A 1.8km warm-up, then the 4 x 10 minutes off a minute, finishing with a 1.3km warm-down. Didn't feel great and the left knee was sore and it was generally a bit of a struggle. Paces were:

3:24 / 3:31 / 3:32 / 3:31

Zone-wise I was a beat or 2 beats off where I should have been. Frustrating.

14.5kms for the day.

Friday, October 03, 2014

London threshold

A weekend in London with the other half. Training was going to be interesting staying in the city centre and today's plan was to run down to Hyde Park and then chase the bikes around.

A 1.5km warm-up, then 6 x 5 minutes threshold off 1 minute, finishing up with a 1.0km warm-down.

I was well into my threshold zone today as I was still knackered from yesterday. Paces were okay each 5 minute effort:

3:25 / 3:24 / 3:25 / 3:25 / 3:30 / 3:29

11.3kms for the session.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

3 x 7km Threshold

Another long threshold run - broken up into 3 segments to make a bit more manageable.

A 1.9km warm-up then into it. I ran the first 7km hard and couldn't get into my threshold zone. After a minute recovery I was determined to do better. But I was borderline recovery until the second half of the 7km. Then another minute and managed to run really strongly the last 7km well into the zone.

Paces for each 7km were:

3:30 / 3:27 / 3:24

I actually ran 7.1km in the last segment so that I got up to half marathon distance. The total time for the half was 1:14:49 and that includes 2 minutes recovery!

All up 24.4kms after a short warm-down.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Same as Monday

A repeat of the run from Monday. All up 12.6kms in 48:33 (3:51's).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aqua Track

A repeat of the session of late - 1 x 1600 followed up with 12 x 400.

I was dreading it - conditions were pretty bad. Very wet and track covered in puddles. Plus a nice breeze to deal with.

After all the usual stuff I ran a decent 4 lapper in 4:53. Then I just couldn't get going on the 400's and no matter how hard I tried, I failed to break 67 (except the last one). Finished up averaging 67.3 which in those conditions wasn't half bad...

All up 13.0kms for the day.

Monday, September 29, 2014

One more decent week required

12.6kms in 48:45 (3:52's). Plus a few strides at the end.

The plan is to have a big week this week and then race the following week..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Long Threshold 3 x 6km

A 2.2km warm-up. Then 3 x 6km threshold off 2 minutes. Finishing up with a 1.1km warm-down.

Paces for the 6km efforts were:

3:25 / 3:27 / 3:32

Knackered at the end and struggled the last few clicks.

All up 92.9kms for the week.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A run

Recovery run 14.8kms in 55:54 (3;47's).

Friday, September 26, 2014

Recovery run and massage

11.1kms in 41:49 (3:46's). Heart rate a little on the low side and need to be nearer 3:40/km to get a few beats into the recovery zone.

Massage after. Bloody agony. I've no pain threshold and was crying like a baby.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another track session

A repeat session of the last couple of weeks. Warm-up (pitches), then some strides on the track, then the mile primer which I ran quite hard (4:52). Then a 3 minute break before the 12 x 400's.

I do dread this session. The track was damp and greasy and there was a bit of breeze to contend with on the top bend. Just get it over with...

Times were fairly consistent and I was getting the heart rate much higher today and at the same time I felt a little more in control. Average time was 66.2 and I'll take that given it was a little slippery.

Warm-down around the pitches and job done. I think pushing the initial mile helps spike the HR higher during the 400's. I'll use that strategy again. All up 13.4kms for the day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

45 mins in zone 2

Warm-up of 2.3kms, then started my threshold run. A 6.5km outward section, then turned at the castle, running back another 6.5kms. I finished the 13.0kms in 44:44 (3:26's). Felt slower than that so a little surprised by the pace. An improvement of around 45 seconds when I last did this session 2 weeks ago. They may be due to fresher legs though I didn't feel that fresh today.

Finished up with a 2.2km warm-down to give me 17.5kms for the day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back training proper like

A 14.8km recovery run in 55:45 (3:46/km). Finished up with a few strides. I'd been a bit lazy on the knee rehab exercises in the last few days and I was getting a few reminders today...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy birthday to me

Woke up with another hangover....43 years young...

No run today. My first complete rest day in over 8 weeks. Instead it was the long trip back to Galway.

Takeaway curry and a couple of beers in the evening. Back into it tomorrow!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

More pubs

Another run just to turn over the legs and sweat out some of the night before. A total of 11.3kms in 52:37 (4:39's). It certainly didn't feel any easier running slowly today...

Out again in the evening to celebrate by impending birthday. In the pub by 4pm and home just after midnight. Nice.

That's 91.kms for the week. A good start to the week but just going through the motions over the weekend. Nice to have a bit of a 'rest' though.