Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ballinderreen 10km

More racing:

Mon - 10km treadmill recovery run 38:43 (3:49’s)

Tue am – 2km up, 10km treadmill threshold run 32:42 (3:16’s), 1km down. All up 13.0kms

Tue pm – Tuam AC easy run 8.7km

Wed – Claregalway 9.5km easy run 40:46 (4:17’s)

Thu – 2km up, 6 x 30 secs, 6 x 3 mns, 2km down. All up 11.0kms

Fri - Treadmill 10.0km recovery run 36:30 (3:39’s)

Sat – Rest

Sun – Ballinderreen 10km 32:29 (3:15’s). All up 12.5kms

Weekly Total 74.7kms

Good conditions at the Ballinderreen 10km (my PB course). I ran a good hard controlled effort and won the race in 32:29 (over 45 seconds quicker than Hollymount the previous week). Pleased with that and I can hopefully improve on that at the Fields 10km on Dec 26th.

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