Sunday, April 30, 2017

Update after injury

Apologies for lack of updates. Since my last update I was putting together a few decent weeks:

- w/c Jan 23rd - total of 83.7km and a race win at the Coldwood 4 miler (21:09)

- w/c Jan 30th - total of 61.8km

- w/c Feb 6th - total of 71.2km and a race win at the Gort 8km (26:56)

- w/c Feb 13th - total of 86.2km

The groin was still playing up and holding me back so I started having a few physio sessions. Lots of exercises to do and things were on the improve until Feb 23rd when I injured my glute when doing a threshold run on the treadmill. I still finished the run but by the time I had cooled down I could hardly walk....

No running for over 6 weeks - and no other exercise. Just time to let the body heel. Not too disappointed as it's my first break from running in the best part of 10 years.

I continued with the physio for the groin and glute (maybe connected) and I'm back running some slow kms the last few weeks:

- w/c Apr 3rd - total of 10.7km

- w/c April 10th - total of 32.5km

- w/c April 17th - total of 29.5km

- w/c April 24th - total of 37.6km

Had a good physio session last week working on deep tissue in the groin/stomach area. Felt an immediate difference in groin pain so that's encouraging. Glute feels just about back to normal.

Fitness levels have taken a massive hit. To start with I was struggling to run 5 minute kms but the pace is soon coming back and my road recovery run today of 9.5kms was completed at 4:35/km pace. When fit I would be doing this same run at a pace of around 3:45/km (at the same heart rate). So lots of work to do to get the fitness back but I reckon after 6 decent weeks I'll be back racing (assuming there are no setbacks).

More regular updates to follow. My snooker has greatly improved as a result - I've hit plenty of 100 breaks in practise doing the line-ups and I'm hitting regular 50's when playing matches (highest 72). That first 100 isn't too far away....