Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

My last race in Oz. I was going to enjoy it. Up early and met Irish Paul in Milson's Point. I changed into my new K-Swiss gear and we jogged across the bridge to the start. I chatted with a few of the regulars at the start line and soon we were underway.

I was going to try and stick with the silver fox. It's a quick start with the downhill at Hunter Street and I was just focused on getting into a decent rhythm. I didn't see any km markers until we were looping back onto George St at the bottom of the Rocks. I was slightly alarmed when the 5km marker showed 16:29. By this stage the silver fox had already gapped me and I was left to run my own race.

Coming up Hunter St the first time I was joined by the lead female who looked very strong. I stuck with her for most of LMC but she pulled away from me on the final climb leading up to the cathedral. The 10km marker showed 33:56 so I was well ahead of schedule and was feeling okay.

That said, I started to struggle on the second lap. I was slowing slightly and I could see runners in front of me moving away into the distance. The section down Hunter St was okay, as was the section at the back of the Rocks but the last slog up Hunter St, and all of LMC was a real drag.

At 20km I was 1:09:38 so my second 10km was 35:42. Very disappointing. But a final push in the last 1.1km got me to the finish line in 1:13:34 (24th place). During this section I was overtaken by a couple more runners...

So a 14 second PB. Not the time I wanted but you can never be too despondent after running a PB. There is definitely more to come! I need to find a flatter course as I have nothing to offer on the hills.

Lots of fun post race. Straight into the Mercantile for numerous beers with the Mingara boys. Then home for a few hours and back into the Rocks in the evening for the Hero of Waterloo and plenty more booze with the lads. A great day.

Looking back I basically ran the half on 10km training. With some longer stuff I'm sure I'm capable of breaking 1:12. That will be my goal for the remainder of the year. We shall see.

I'll be offline for a while but I'll soon provide an update when I find my feet in the Emerald Isle. TTFN.


No running again today. I'm well tapered for this race!

Feeling tired at the moment. I'd love a few nights decent sleep. I'm not that confident tomorrow. I'll take it out hard and see how that feels. All going to plan 'll go through 10km in low 34 and hang on until the finish line. I'll be happy with anything under 1:13:48! The hills are going to hurt.

Enough random ramblings. Time to feed Maeve and go to bed.

Friday, May 14, 2010


A quick visit to the gym. I decided to give the new K-Swiss flats a try doing some uphill efforts.

2km warm-up, 4 x 500m at 3.0 degrees gradient @ 3:43/km with 500m recovery, then 2 km to finish with. An 8km session in a total time of 32:53. Felt pretty comfortable and the shoes seem okay. As light as a feather.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Rest. No time for running. Too much going on with the move and study.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lots to do with the upcoming move and exams. A quick update for the Blog:

Fri: 10km easy in the gym 43:13
Sat: Long run from Pymble to LCNP and back. Total 21.4km in 1:36:07
Sun: Rest. It was our leaving drinks the previous night and I was in no shape to do much at all today...

Total 87.8km for the week.

An easy week scheduled this week before the half on Sunday:

Mon: 7km easy in the gym 30:30 and massage in the evening
Tue: Rest
Wed: 1km warm-up, 5km tempo @ 3:43/km pace, 1km warm-down.

I picked up some new K-swiss racing flats today for the half. I will try them out on Friday. Only 6 more sleeps in Oz...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Something Different

No car so I couldn't get to Rotary Park. So had to go local...

I ran down Bobbin Head Road until I found a park. The warm-up was 4.5km in 20 minutes.

I was running wide around a football field. I did one lap as a warm-up and to mark out my route. I started with a 4 lapper, with one lap recovery. Then 3 laps, 2 laps and 1 lap - again with a lap recovery between efforts. I then repeated the set for a second time with a lap recovery to finish. All up that's 29 laps (1+4+1+3+1+2+1+1+1+4+1+3+1+2+1+1+1).

Splits were: 4:23, 3:14, 2:08, 1:00 and 4:19, 3:12, 2:05, 0:58.

Good to see all the times in the second set quicker than the first. I estimate the lap to be 320m so not mega quick running but a good hit-out all the same (it was quite awkward making the sharp turns around the field).

Finished with a 4.5km run home. All up that's 18.3km. I ran in the DS racers again and I'm liking them.

I've been invited to run in the K-Swiss A team for the half. They are providing some free gear which is handy.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Triple Gym

10km easy in 42:50.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Longest Tempo Yet

Gym again!

A 1km warm-up, then an hour's run covering 16.1km (3:43's), then a 1km warm-down.

A tough enough run. To think I've run a marathon at a quicker pace than that. Mind boggling.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Back to the gym

10km easy in 43:06.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

More rest

I had two study sessions today so no time for a run.

That's only 46.4km for the week but a good chance to freshen up before a big week next week.

The Asics DS racers are great. My first race in them yesterday and a PB!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

NSW State 10km

No car so bludged a lift with Baz.

We got there in good time to pick up chip, warm-up, etc. Bumped into Irish Paul and warmed up with him, Leigh and Irish Tom. Had a good chat, lots of banter; I will miss these races. Estimate 4km.

Lined up at the top of Olympic boulevard and soon we were off. The first km is slight downhill so got a bit carried away and that was reflected in the time as I reached the first km marker in 3:01. Concentrated on keeping the legs ticking over and the 2nd km was reached in 6:11. This was too quick and I was feeling it a lot. Tried to settle down and started to run with some small groups. I should have mentioned the conditions, very good, nice and cool with no breeze to speak of.

By 3km (9:28) I was running at target race pace so with the quick start I had some time in the bank and it was time to stay focused. The 5km marker was reached in 16:08 so that was way
ahead of plan. Just keep it going...

It started to drizzle a little, no problem. The downhill 6th km was a little disappointing (3:19) so that was a sign I was slowing. Plus I was aware that some runners were closing in on me. Sure enough I was soon passed by the Fossil and another guy. I tried to stick with them but didn't quite have it. At 7km my thoughts turned to hanging on. I knew I was slowing but tried to keep the legs motoring. The 8th and 9th kms were gritted out in 3:23's so more slowdown but come the 9th km I knew that any sort of decent last km would be rewarded with a new PB...

A last push up Olympic boulevard and sprinted to the line to finish in 32:49. A 41 second road PB and finally closes some of the gap on my track form.

Splits were 3:01, 3:10, 3:18, 3:19, 3:20 (16:08), 3:19, 3:19, 3:23, 3:23, 3:17 (16:41).

Finished with a 2km warm-down. All up 16km.

A happy bunny. Beer and pizza tonight!