Friday, April 30, 2010

Rest Day

Rest day and no beer. I recall saying I wasn't going to do that again...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Tune Up

In the gym again...

3km warm-up followed by 4 x 500m uphill (3.0) efforts at 3:43/km pace with 500m float. Finished off with a 3km warm-down. Total 10km in about 42 mins.

So that's it until Saturday. Looking forward to this race.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


An easy 10km run in the gym in 43:07.

Probably wasn't that easy in hindsight. I got a stitch (very rare) and thought I'd have to stop at one point. I ran it off though, that's how tough I am.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time Based Intervals

I did something a bit different today. A 4km warm-up/down.

In between I did 8 x 1 minute efforts with 1 minute walk recovery. I ran them at 10km pace, maybe a bit quicker. I was wearing my heavy joggers which is always a bit of a handicap.

I estimate 10.4km for the session.

Watched the Boston Marathon today. A good finish to the end of the women's race with the Ethiopian just hanging on.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rest Time

No running today.

Watched the London Marathon. Good to see it after running this race last year. I don't seem to recall much of the course!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Same run as last Sunday. This time nearly a minute quicker.

Details - 21.4km in 1:37:59. That's 4:35/km pace.

That's another solid week in the bank. Total distance 96.8km.

Time to freshen up for the state road 10km on Saturday. Low 33 for me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running with mates

Got a text Friday evening from Saxon saying that Rotary Park intervals were happening with him and Palms in the morning Was I keen? Yes I was.

An 8:30am start from LCNP. Palms had got me some new racing flats (Asics DS racers) and I was keen to try them out so they went straight on. A bit of dirt would do them good.

A twisty 2.6km jog to the track and we agreed that the session would be 4 lappers. Maybe 4 or 5.

Palms was leading the first lap, me the second, Sax the third and back to Palms for the last. A 100m walk, 300 slow jog recovery with target times of 5:20 for the efforts.

Actual times were:

5:15, 5:16, 5:15, 5:13

These felt really easy. I could have run a fair bit quicker. It was so much easier running with the new shoes (fantastic), a group (seems much easier) and in the morning (much cooler). We couldn't decide on doing a 5th rep so as a compromise we did a 2 lapper. After a 75 second first lap it was time to stretch the legs and with a 68 second lap we all finished with a 2:23 (sub 3 minute km pace).

A 2.6km jog back to the start. All up 14.2km. I hope I feel this good next Saturday. If I do, I'll have a blinder.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Another easy run in the gym. 10km in 43:03.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Intervals

Another visit to UTS Norths grass track.

A 4km warm-up, followed by 8 x 800s with 400m jog recovery. Then a 2km warm-down.

The weather was glorious. Too hot for intervals but I'll take it.

My plan was to run them at 10km pace so I thought sub 2:40 would be fine. Actual times were:

2:37, 2:37, 2:37, 2:36, 2:37, 2:36, 2:36, 2:35.

Pretty consistent. Recovery jog was approx 2 mins so 5 minute km pace.

Same As Monday

43:07 for 10km

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Even Longer Tempo

A 14km tempo with 1km either side.

The tempo run time was 52:08 and all up 60:25.

Sweating buckets.

Monday, April 19, 2010


10km in 43:07.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Longer Run

I headed out at lunchtime. To save time I ran from home, down to the top gate at LCNP (4.4km). Then I ran the Striders 10km course in reverse with an extra 2.6km loop thrown in at the bottom of the course. Then the 4.4km back to Pymble with the long climb at the end up Lane Cove Road and back up the Pacific Highway. All up 21.4km in 1:38:50 so that's 4:37/km so not particularly quick but it will do.

A few niggles to worry about. Both knees sore, plus the right piriformis. Time for another massage.

That's 93.4km for the week. My biggest of the year. Same again next week then some freshening up the following week in time for the State 10km.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time Trial Time

About time I did another Lane Cover time trial. Top gate to bottom. Downhill running so should be easy.

My previous PB was 14:49 set on Feb 27th this year. I was thinking about that during my warm-up run and couldn't recall my exact splits at various points of the course. So I came to the conclusion that if I was somewhere near 5 minutes with 3km to go, I was in with a chance...

After a slow 5.4km, I was at the top gate for a stretch. Lets get this over with....the first km is all downhill. You must be running at sub 3 minute km pace. As you cross the river there is the first climb of about 200m. The trick is to run strong straight over the top and get back into your running. The first checkpoint came in 5:01 so I was in the ballpark. Only 3km to go.

The next km is pretty flat. So run hard and take the racing line. With 2km to go I was 8:16 and I knew that was quick. The next km has another nasty uphill of about 200m, but again there is more downhill after that to make up the time. With 1km to go I was 11:31 so I knew a quick last km would see me right. I had a battle with a couple of cars in the last km and probably lost a little focus. That said, I finished in 14:39 so a 3:08 last km and a 10 second PB.

Really pleased with that. That's 3:10/km pace which is quick for me on the road. Okay, the downhill does help but I still can't get the 3:05's that I can on the track...

A 3.5km warm-down. All up 13.5km.

A few beers this evening. I'm looking after both the little ones as Marion is out on the razz. Man Utd have just beaten Man City in the last minute so that opens up the door for the mighty Spurs!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yawn fest

Same old, same old. 10km in the gym in 43:09. Both knees sore.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Longer reps

In the build up to the half it's probably a good idea to do some longer reps. I'm making it up as I go along but it makes sense to me.

I drove to the grass track on Mowbray Road. I was planning on running 4 lappers with 400m slow jog recovery.

After a 20 minute warm-up on the surrounding roads, I hit the track and marked out my 1600m run in lane 3 (4 times the normal 400m stagger).

The pace I wanted to run was 10km pace. I thought that 5:20 per effort was a good enough target (being 3:20/km pace).

The first one felt really easy and I was a little surprised by the time of 5:13.

The second felt a lot harder and I'd slowed to 5:20.

The third was a slight improvement of 5:18.

And a 5:16 to finish. Would have been nice to be a bit more consistent.

In between I was walking 100m, then doing a slow 300m+ jog before the next effort.

I did an 8 lap warm-down. Total running of 14.5km.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gym Run

Another 10km easy in the gym. Time 43:10.

Less than 5 weeks now until we move to Ireland....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Longer tempo

Back to the gym...

A 1km warm-up, then a 12km tempo, and a 1km warm-down. Total time 53:23.

The 12km was covered in 44:44 so that's about 3:44/km.

I'll up the duration of these tempo runs over the next few weeks. I might build up to 20km if I have enough time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Club 2073 again

Another 10km easy in the gym in 43:27.

Some self massage on the tight calves tonight. Haven't a clue what I'm doing. Just squeezing the muscles and making them hurt more.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I ran at lunchtime. The calves were tight from the track so took it easy. I drove to the start of the trail just off Bobbin Head Road so I could spend more time on the trial. I ran for 34 minutes, up and down some monster hills (walked in places). Then turned round and did the same route in reverse. Tough going.

The run lasted 1:08:07. I'll put this down as 13km as I wasn't running quick but the effort involved felt like a lot more than that!

So that's 68.6km for the week. Not as high as I wanted. Will try and rectify that over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Homebush again

No traffic today, though parking was fun as the Easter Show is still on, plus the Bulldogs were playing at ANZ stadium.

After checking in, it was announced that due to low numbers, all the 3,000m races were to be run as one (U18 men and women, open men and women). The race was brought forward 15 minutes to 7:20 with 10 runners...

So a quick 4km warm-up and change, a few strides and it was showtime. I tried hanging on the back of the lead 3 runners for a few laps but they were too quick. So a gap started to emerge and I just tried to keep the legs turning over as quick as possible. The first km was probably 3 exactly, then the slow down started. It was really hard running by myself, not a race, more like a time trial. At 2km I was 6:06 so the sub 9 had gone. I concentrated on lifting the pace for the last 2 laps but it was more a case of not slowing down further. The finish line couldn't arrive soon enough and the time I was greeted with was 9:11. Not too bad, but it didn't really happen for me tonight. Perhaps it was not a good idea to run km reps only 2 days prior! Oh well, a decent enough session in the bank.

I ran 3km as a warm-down so 10km for this evening. This could be my last track race for a while, and probably my last track race in the southern hemisphere!

Friday, April 09, 2010

More easy

10km treadmill run in 43:28. I've entered the 3km race tomorrow night at Homebush. See if I can give the 9 minute barrier a nudge.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


A stressful drive to Homebush. It took 1 hour 15 minutes due to bad traffic. I could have run there quicker. Upon arrival my travel rage quickly disappeared. The conditions were just about perfect, nice and cool with no breeze. After a 4km warm-up I changed into my spikes and was ready to go.

I had the track to myself. There was only one other person I could see in the entire stadium! The session was km reps. I hadn't decided how many - I would play it by ear. The 1st one felt comfortable in 3:01. The 2nd one, the same time. The 3rd one in 3 flat and the 4th in 2:59. That was enough. I should have mentioned that I was doing a 400m jog recovery between each effort in about 2:25.

I did a 4km warm-down. In total 13.6km for the day.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

10km Easy

A nice trot of 10km in the gym. Time 43:29.

The aim is to get to the track tomorrow. Maybe time to do some of the dreaded km reps.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

More tempo

I really need to come up with some more sessions. Back to the gym, a 1km warm-up, then 10km in 37:16, and a 1km warm-down.

Was blowing a good bit. There just did not seem to be enough air in the gym. A good sweat.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Rest day

Ran out of time to get a run in so decided to do nowt.

I went to watch Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova at the Opera House in the evening. Over 2 hours in an incredible performance. The man is a genius.

A late night. In bed at 1am.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Out for an hour

Short of time (2 kids does that) so headed out local and ran down to the firetrails at Wahroonga. I ran for just over 30 minutes then doubled back home. Total time 1:01:31 and no idea of distance but I wasn't going that quick so I'll estimate it at 13km.

That's 70.6km for the week. I'll try and get that a bit higher in the next few weeks to get some more kms in the legs in the build up to the half.

Trying to ignore sore knees. Tight calves will do that. Must find some time to do some self-massage.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Striders Lane Cove 10km

An early start. Up at 6am and out of the door by 6:20. Struggled to find a park and after a quick registration and 2km warm-up the race was underway.

Conditions were just about perfect. A cool 17 degrees and very little wind. I was in the leading group of 4 as we went through the first km in 3:15 and to be honest I was not feeling great. So the other 3 runners gradually worked away from me so I focused on my own race trying to work as hard as possible. At about 3km I was overtaken by the same young lad who beat me at North Head. So now I'm in 5th place...

My focus turned to getting to the top of the course in good shape, then lifting my game to run a strong last 4.6km. The uphill section is a real tough grind but I was pleased that the gap to 4th wasn't growing (say 10m). The km split between 4 and 5 was a surprise (3:40), that was quick for me. At the turnaround it was time to drop the hammer but it's not the same as doing the time trial. Picking up the pace is a real effort after climbing the long hill.

Anyway, I started to feel stronger and at about 6km I was back into 4th place. At the 7km marker I knew I had to run a strong sub 10 minutes for the last 3km to get under 34. Again lots of focus and I was starting to feel good and with splits of 3:17, 3:21 and 3:11 for the last 3km I snuck under 34 in 33:57 finishing in 4th. No sign of 3rd place in front of me - the gap was too much. So just missed the podium again.

So after a sluggish period between 1km and 6km, a good strong finish was pleasing. That's my quickest time on the Lane Cove course by over 20 seconds so I must be doing something right. It gives me some confidence for the May half which is only 6 weeks or so away.

The split for the last 4.6km was 15:18 compared to my best time trial of 14:49 so goes to show how the first 5.4km really knocks the stuffing out of you.

A 3km warm-down with Conor and Paul. All up 15km for the day.

Friday, April 02, 2010

40 minutes local

After far too many beers the previous night I thought I'd get out for an easy 40 minutes to build up a bit of a sweat. I ran local and did 2 Pymble loops in 36 minutes, then I added a couple of laps of the local park to bring it up to 43 minutes. Estimate 9km so slow and steady.

My thoughts turn to the Striders race tomorrow. I'm thinking sub 34 should be possible. I need to tap into some of my track form...

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Was planning on SOPAC but ended up more local at the grass track on Mowbray Road. I had the track to myself and lanes 1 and 2 were out of action so planned 5 x 800 running in lane 3 which relied on an estimation of the distance using double the 400m stagger.

After a 4km warm-up I got into it. I wanted to run them hard but not flat out and thought that 2:30 per rep was a fair target. With a 400m (slightly longer as in lane 3) jog recovery. Actual times were:

2:32, 2:31, 2:30, 2:30, 2:29

Not too bad but these certainly did not feel comfortable. I was pushing hard to bring them in around 2:30. It must be the grass track which slows me down a bit. I ran the last rep in lane 1 just to see if my estimate of 800m was close and it was.

After a 4km warm-down I was done. All up 13.6km.