Sunday, January 01, 2017

A Double Bubble

Another week starting and finishing with a race:

Mon – Fields of Athenry 10km 32:48 (2nd place). All up 15.3kms

Tue – Claregalway easy run 11.1km 47:48 (4:18’s)

Wed – Treadmill 10km recovery run 37:15 (3:44’s)

Thu – 2km up, 8 x 1km treadmill threshold intervals, 1km down. All up 11.0kms

Fri - Treadmill 8km recovery run 31:12 (3:54’s)

Sat – Treadmill 8km recovery run 30:24 (3:48’s)

Sun – 5km Resolution Run 17:21 (2nd place). All up 10.5kms

Weekly Total 73.9kms

Two races and 2 second places. No disgrace losing to Mick Clohissey in the Fields (Rio Olympian). I felt pretty good for the race but spent most of the time in no mans land. Similar story in the Resolution Run – I just didn’t have it in me to chase Keith Fallon and took it very handy for second spot.

Still that’s my best ever finish in the Fields and despite my time being almost a minute slower than last year I am looking to kick on from here. I just need to get over the groin problem that has been troubling me the last few months and get back to some proper training…

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