Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 x 1km off 200m jog

Arrived a little late at track and managed to squeeze in a 7 lap warm-up as the main group were doing their stretches and drills. The session was to be km reps - same as last week for me but I was keen to jump in with the group. A really big group at the moment - I think our group has joined forces with the University and it's great to see so many people out running.

A staggered start to keep the traffic even around the track. I hit the front and led out all the efforts. The session called for 8 but I'd decided that 6 would be plenty for me...but having completed 6 I decided to run a couple more cruise kms at the end to get the distance up. Here are the times:

3:08/3:09/3:08/3:10/3:10/3:05 and 3:19/3:19

Jog recovery for the 200m ranged between 80 and 90 seconds. I would walk for 50m or so after completing the 2.5laps, and then jog the next 150m before starting out again. Conditions again were perfect and couldn't have asked for better.

Happy with that - the times weren't as quick as last week but there was a fair bit of running wide, plus I think the jog recovery makes it a little tougher than 90 seconds recovery doing very little.

I'm not sure if there is a rule of thumb on converting your km rep times into a 10km time but I'd say based on that tonight I'm getting back towards sub 33 10km shape.

I finished up with another 7 laps warm-down to give me 13.6kms for the day.


Anonymous said...

Beermatt, I'm doing the Dublin marathon on Monday as my first one and am slightly worried about not making the distance. Is there any distance you'd advise holding back for until you should start getting into the swing of things so you've enough energy for the final 6 miles?

Was trying to find your first marathon report here, but it's not on here. How did it go for you, what were the splits like and at what stage did it get tough?

BeerMatt said...


Here is my race report from Dublin 2 years ago with all the splits:


I think you need to get to halfway and feel like you've just started out. Then it's only a half marathon to go! If you're still feeling good at 20 miles then it's time to pull the trigger. It's a great feeling overtaking people at this stage if you're still feeling strong.

In summary, run the first half in complete control. Feel fresh at halfway and hopefully you have something left for the last 6 miles. Enjoy the day - the first one is always special - and hopefully you achieve your goal. Good luck! Matt