Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 x 1km off 90

Another track session. Really lucky with the weather being cool, dry and still. I ran my usual warm-up loop of 3.5kms and then ran a few strides. I'd decided on 5 x 1km off 90 seconds. A couple of points on this. Firstly, 90 seconds is a little soft - maybe I should have stuck to the bog standard minute...but in my defence I don't think I'm quite ready for the minute and I didn't want to destroy myself. Secondly, I went into the session thinking I'd do 6 reps (an extra one) - "If I felt good". That was never going to happen. I think you have to commit to doing the number of reps before the start of the session and then stick to it...

Times were as follows:


There were some traffic issues on the second rep as the main group returned to the track to do their warm-down - with several people favouring lane 1. It didn't slow me down - in fact the opposite. Perhaps I need to get a little riled more often? Legs went a bit wobbly on the end of the 4th rep so pleased to maintain the pace for the last one.

That will do nicely - I though that if I could keep them under 3:10 then I'd be happy. Having said that I was left thinking how on earth did I run 5kms straight on the track some 8 seconds quicker...

Warm-down 3.5kms to give me 14.0kms for the day.

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