Friday, October 12, 2012


Today was an overnight stay in Killarney for a stag doo...the drive from Galway took around 3 hours and with an hour to spare before beer o'clock I took the opportunity to stretch out the legs with a quick run. I was staying right in the centre of town and after running for only a couple of minutes I was in the National Park.

A fantastic run, a beautiful trail that firstly took me along a river, then down by the water, before eventually reaching Ross Castle. I took a few minutes to admire the fabulous views then doubled back to the hotel. All up 9.8kms in 41:10 (4:12's).

The evening was basically 7 hours of drinking. I called it a day at 2:30am and thankfully missed the option of another couple of hours in the residents bar....all in all a great day.

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