Thursday, October 11, 2012


A 7:15am start in Claregalway with Fintan and Owen. Still pitch black and drizzling rain. Not that cold though - I had overcompensated by wearing too many layers.

Same route as last Thursday - I'll put it down as 14.9kms but could be longer as we had to double back a few times as my wingmen have the weakest bladders in Ireland. These Irish boys must drink far too much tea. Time 1:05:40 which works out at 4:24/km.

Turned into a very pleasant run - the rain had stopped by the end all was good with the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,
I was pointed in the direction of your blog the other week and have been working my way through your posts. can I just sum up... basically you've got to a sub 2:30 marathon on running once a day and covering no more that 120 kms a week?

thats quite impressive and if true gives me some hope that I can do the same as a sub 2:30 is my ultimate target. were you a decent runner when you were younger?


BeerMatt said...

John, yep you've pretty much summed it up. A 120km week would have been a very big week. I think I was averaging less than 100kms a week in the build-up to my marathon PB. I did a bit of running at school, mainly cross country (which I hated). I was ok but by no means a great runner. I didn't really start running until 1999, and then after a long-term injury in 2006/07 I came back and started to take it much more seriously (joining a track club and starting track training for the first time). Since then I've gradually improved until this year where I've stagnated a little.

Running a decent marathon can be done on lowish mileage but you have to be smart about it. How I managed it is all in the blog. Good luck with the training and let me know if you have any questions. Matt