Tuesday, October 09, 2012

6 x 800 off a minute

The legs were still a little heavy after the half but I wanted to get straight back into it with a speed session. Usual warm-up of 3.5kms then a few strides and it was time to go. Conditions were absolutely perfect - cold and as still as you could hope for (plus floodlights this week which was a bonus).

I'd set myself a target of running the 800's at 2:30. Here's how it panned out:


I ran the first 4 solo and then Conor Dolan jumped in with me for the final 2. They felt comfortable enough but at the same time I couldn't have gone much quicker. Happy to run them quicker than I was targeting.

Warm-down of 3.5kms to give me 11.8kms for the day.

Forgot to mention, earlier in the day I was out at the docs for a full check-up. You are advised to do these sort of things once you get to my age. Blood tests, weight (82 kgs fully clothed), height (6ft2), blood pressure, heart rate (resting 43), etc. Await the results of the blood tests (I suspect my cholestorol may be high).


Mike said...

Nice one, decent rep times. Have you any plans to attack the sub 15 min 5k yet? I remember a while back you did your progressions for 10k and HM, have you done one for 5k's yet?

BeerMatt said...

Mike, no plans to attack the sub 15 at this stage. The focus for next year will be getting some speed back and if that goes well I might give the sub 15 a rattle. We shall see.

I think you're right - I haven't done a 5km progression. I'll do some digging and put it up soon. I haven't raced the distance as much as say 10km or HM so it could be short and sweet!

Good luck with your training. Matt