Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 x 12 minutes

Making my sessions up as I go along at the moment. Thought I'd do some longer 12 minute efforts today with 3 minutes recovery. Ran to the start of my local route which I normally use (out 12 minutes then turn and run back 12 minutes).

The first effort was tough as I was running into the breeze and it's predominantly uphill. I got to my "running okay" finishing point (a gate) just as the 12 minutes was up (approx 3.6km). Thought the return leg would be a lot easier but couldn't settle into any sort of decent rhythm. I did get back to the start point in 11:39 and I continued on for the full 12 minutes (approx 3.7km).

A slightly longer run home of 3.8km to give me 13.6kms for the day. Didn't nail it today but not to worry...

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