Saturday, October 27, 2012

6 x 1.53km off 90 seconds

A late afternoon run. I decided to run some efforts on my local 1.53km course. A 2.2km warm-up and then straight into it. Conditions were cold with only a slight breeze.

Here are the times:

5:02/4:56/4:52/4:54/4:50/4:52 (ave 4:54 = 3:12/km pace)

The odd ones are slightly uphill but for some reason I always seem to run these better. I've had a look through my training log and I can't see where I've run a better set of these. I felt in complete control - breathing was relaxed and the legs felt very responsive. Encouraging. I should mention these were done with 90 seconds recovery (which felt more than adequate).

The same 2.2km jog back home to give me 13.6kms for the day.

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