Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Long Run

To say I wasn't looking forward to this was an understatement. Out into very windy conditions and the plan was to run a couple of kms warm-up, then a half marathon in my threshold zone, then a few more kms to cool down...

That's pretty much what happened - except I could never get up into that threshold zone during the half. I was running really strongly and felt great, but just couldn't get the bloody heart rate high enough. Through 10km in under 34 minutes, then slowed a bit the second half but that's because I hit the wind (but I still felt great). Eventually I ended up running the half in around 1:12:30 (3:27's) on a training run and in those conditions it was great going. Looking back at the data I was only in my threshold zone for 5 or 6 of the kms - the rest was in my recovery zone. I'd say there's loads more to come once I've freshened up.

All up 24.7kms. Tired at the end. That's 111.3kms for the week and my biggest weekly volume this year. It's like I'm back marathon training!

If I wasn't zone training then I'd have to say that was a great week. But when you're struggling to hit your zones then it's a little disappointing as I know I'm not getting the full training benefit. Chin up and move on to next week. Another month of this and I'll be ready for the half marathon...

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