Thursday, October 16, 2014

Legs in bits

Well the legs weren't good after getting carried away yesterday. The quads were so sore it felt like they were injured. Anyway, another threshold run was on the cards - so I decided to get outside and break it up into 4 x 3km efforts.

2.2km warm-up and then started. First effort I ran really hard but the heart rate just wouldn't lift. I just about got into the correct zone at the end of the 10 minutes. The second one was a bit better but it still took me a kay to get up there. Then doubled back for the 3rd and 4th effort coming back. Similar pattern to the second effort.

I suppose it wasn't a bad effort given that my legs were so tired. But kicking myself for being so stupid yesterday. A 2.2km warm-down to give me 16.4kms for the day.

Here's my write-up in the Mayo Advertiser. I feel like my life is complete!

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