Saturday, October 25, 2014

3 x 30 mins threshold

Back to the treadmill. I was planning to do this on Sunday but decided to get it out of the way a day early. The plan was 3 x 30 mins threshold off 3 minutes recovery. A 2km warm-up and then into it.

Using gradient again to get the heart rate up. It took a while to get going and after the first 30 minutes I was thinking there was no way I could keep this going for another hour. Funnily though I felt better the second 30 minutes. Then the last 30 minutes I was good until 10 minutes in - and then it was struggle street. I resisted the temptation to slow-down and instead let the heart rate creep up north to the top of the zone.

Here were the splits:

30 mins - 9.21 kms
30 mins - 9.12 kms
30 mins - 9.12 kms

Average pace for the 90 minutes was 3:17/km pace on the 1% gradient so very happy with that. A short 1.0km to finish with and that gives me 30.4kms for the day.

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