Sunday, October 12, 2014

Breaffy 10km

About an hour to get to Breaffy. Conditions were superb - nice and sunny and very little wind - as good as you could hope for.

Arrived and did all the normal stuff. Then a couple of slow kms warm-up. Then changed into the racing flats and vest and ran a hard 3 minute effort just before the start to get the blood flowing.

A few good guys in the race so was hoping for some company. The race started and Michael Canty took the lead and I was running quick to keep up. A nice downhill section and then a twisty climb around the church. Then a bit of confusion as we hit the main road with me going left and Michael going right. I took the lead and with a quick first km it was time to push on.

Running down the hard shoulder for the next couple of kms and I was ticking along nicely but at the same time I was right on the limit. Just before 3km we took a left turn and I'd opened up a handy lead. 

The next section of the course was predominantly flat but there were a few lumps and bumps to keep you honest. Very difficult to get into a rhythm and after going through 5km I'd just about run my race and was hanging on. Just before 6km we took a sharp left hand turn and then the fun and games really started. A series of nasty drags that kept repeating. I was really struggling but kept pushing on using the same old mind games that we use in races.

Between 7 and 8km was a very long uphill section. I looked up the road and for as far as I could see the road just kept going - all up, up, up. It had to get easier after 8km and even though I'd slowed a good bit, I was waiting for some nice downhill to help me home. Well that wasn't to happen - after 8km the course certainly flattened out but the long downhill stretch never came. Through 9km and I knew I'd have to dig in hard the last km to get the PB.

Past the start line and then a nice short downhill. Then the slow grind up round the school to see the finish line only a few short metres ahead. As I approached it was showing 31:57, 31:58, 31:59 and I threw myself at the line just before it ticked over to 32. Thankfully the official result came in at 31:59!

Left nothing out there today. A good course but not super quick by any means. Still a good solo run and at the same time I know I can do better on a quicker course with some people to run with.

A warm-down with John Byrne. All up 16.4kms for the day.

A few beers in the evening whilst watching the darts, Wadey should have won but missed some vital doubles in the 7th set letting MVG in for the title.

84.2kms for the week. A few recovery days and then back into it next week.



1 2:59 144
2 3:07 153
3 3:13 154
4 3:07 154
5 3:08 155 (15:34)
6 3:18 156
7 3:14 156
8 3:21 157
9 3:19 156
10 3:13 157 (16:25)

Total 31:59


David said...

Huge Congrats!

Tom said...

Fantastic result Matt, and very satisfying after aiming for it for so long.