Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back to the treadmill

My last treadmill run was August 21st. The coach had told me to get outside and toughen up a bit which the road running will do. It's been easy to be honest with the weather we've been having - no excuse not to get out there. But today it was hammering down rain and the wind was back. So I took the easy option...

A 10 minute warm-up (2.5kms) and then I ramped the speed up to 18.5kms/hour (3:15/km pace) for a threshold run. The heart rate slowly crept up so I kept nudging the speed up until I hit 3:10/km pace. At about 10 minutes I was in zone and I kept the speed the same. Through 5km in 16:07 and then thought I'd try and hold the pace until 10km. That was fine but the heart rate was soon creeping up to the top of the zone. Between 8 and 10 I was basically on the limit at HR 152 but I managed to hold it clocking 15:53 for the second 5km to give me a 10 km time of 32 minutes flat. I then lowered the speed and ran a further 8 minutes in the threshold zone to give me 40 minutes in total (12.3kms).

A 2.0km warm-down and I was done. All up 16.8kms. I was pretty done for at the end and the sweat was something else.

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