Monday, October 27, 2014

Dublin Marathon 2014

Up early for the drive to Dublin to watch the marathon. I got myself to the start to see each of the 3 waves as they went past, Conditions didn't look great - warm and windy - with temperatures around 18 degrees it was going to be tough going.

I managed to get to the 20km mark just as the leaders came through. Already the field was strung out with lots of people running in no mans land. You could already see people starting to struggle and with the windy section to follow it must have been a real energy sapper.

A quick dash back to the finish to see the runners finish from around 2 hours 20 to 3 hours. By this stage the signs of a tough race were very visible. I counted about 5 people who had to be helped to the finish line and many others were zig-zagging up the road.

I then positioned myself a bit further back along the course at around the 41km mark. Lots of people struggling and hopefully all the support made that last stretch to the finish a bit easier. Congratulations to everyone who finished and if you got anywhere near your target time you would be amongst the minority!

Very inspiring watching this race and certainly gets the competitive juices flowing. Maybe I've got one more marathon in me!

No run for me today - instead it was a lot of drinking around Dublin.....home at 2am ish.

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