Sunday, January 19, 2014


A local run of 15.2kms in 1:04:21 to finish off the week (4:14/km pace). Felt good but the knee was giving me constant reminders. So I booked a massage for tomorrow and then used the kids to stand on my quad to try and get them to ease off a bit. Seemed to work a little.

I watched the Spurs beat Swansea 3-1 so a great start under new manager Timmie Sherwood who I was a bit sceptical about when he got the job. Four wins a draw later and I'm coming round. Plus the snooker final and at the time of writing Ronnie is 7-1 up in the race to 10 so there is only one winner from here.

That's 103.5kms for the week (almost the same as last week). Maybe drop the volume a bit next week to give the knee some recovery.

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