Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bad Dose

I woke up not feeling the full quid. I had a few spots on my body which I suspected was chicken pox, and had a bit of a hangover for good measure. In true runners style I thought I'd head out and try and run it off. That was all fine and dandy and I ran 9.5kms in 41:09 (4:20's).

As the day progressed I was feeling much worse. More spots and by the end of the day I was doing my best Freddy Kruger impersonation. So a dose of the pox it is. I'll take a few days rest now as I'm obviously run down and this certainly explains why I haven't been feeling great the last week or so. Not the best start to the New Year but it could be a lot worse I suppose.

For the record I ran 4,200kms in 2013 vs 4,649kms in 2012. Round numbers about 10% down and that's attributable to the marathon I ran in 2012 where I was collecting the kms.

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