Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Spaceman

A solo hour to shake out the legs after yesterday. To be honest the legs felt pretty fresh - so more evidence that I didn't over-do it in the 3,000m. The fact that I could speak just after crossing the finish line was more evidence! Anyway, a total of 15.4kms in 1:05:58 (4:21's). I had to stop at one point as I got caught in a nasty hail shower which had me cowering behind a tree. Yes I'm totally soft.

That's 83.8kms for the week. Happy with the last 3 weeks and seem to be heading in the right direction. If I could just get this knee sorted then I'd be really fired up to run some decent times this year. I haven't set any goals but I'd like to get back into mid 32 10km shape and see where that takes me.

I watched the final day of the snooker shoot-out and was delighted to see Dominic Dale (the Spaceman) win the title. Great entertainment and 32 grand for a weekend's 'work' - not bad!

And finally some stats to finish with. I'm in the 14th year now of my running/beer diary and since the turn of the millennium I've run close to 37,000kms which works out to 7.7kms per day or 54.2kms per week. That includes 18 months of no running when I had a bad dose of patella tendinitis.

Looking at the running stats from 2007 onwards which is when I started to take the running a bit more seriously, I have averaged 10.0kms per day or 70.3kms per week. Consistency is king!

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