Monday, January 20, 2014

Long run and rub

Woke up to a corker of a frost and after getting the kids to school it was long run time. The roads were very slippery for the first half an hour, and I nearly went A over T a few times so the pace was very sedate. I gradually picked it up, and an hour in I was ticking along nicely. I was stopped on about 70 minutes to help an old guy use his mobile, then again on 90 minutes by a lady looking for directions (my 2 good deeds for the day). All up 22.6kms in 1:37:37 (4:19's).

In the afternoon it was rub time. Left inside quad was again very tight so most of the time was spent on that muscle trying to get it to ease off. The pain factor wasn't too bad today and seems a bit better now as a result.

As I suspected Ronnie won easily 10-4 in the masters final. He only dropped 6 frames all tournament and in fairness he should have probably won the final 10-1 (albeit for a sitter brown he missed to make it 9-1). On this form there is nobody who can touch him and he could keep collecting major titles for plenty more years to come.

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