Tuesday, January 21, 2014

6 x 800 off 90 secs

I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of a cold, wet, January track session but I managed to haul myself out to Dangan. Warm-up of 3.8km on the road, followed by 2 laps of the track and it was time to arrange into groups for the off. The session was 800's and with a lack of these type of sessions lately, I thought if I could run 2:30 or thereabouts, I'd be happy.

Andrew took out the first couple, and on the third one I find my legs and was feeling good and I hit the front. I lead out the 4th one, and then ran a couple more for good measure. A stiff breeze on the home straight which is quite normal, so it was an easy start to each lap, and then having to work the final 100m. And in typical style I'd run the first lap a lot quicker than the second one - the effort level would be the same but the endurance isn't quite there. The times were as follows:


That will do nicely. A warm-down of 3.8kms to give me around 13.2kms for the day. The 90 second recovery seemed like an age when you are used to a minute so perhaps that was why the times were a bit quicker than I was expecting. Knee a bit better after the rub but still not great.

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