Monday, January 13, 2014

Long again

Another long run today. This time with Fintan. I'm happy to run long at the moment - it's a good test for the knee and with that behaving I'm getting a lot more enjoyment from the running. Also an opportunity to burn off some calories and get the weight down (no booze is helping there also). I need to get back under 80kgs and ideally down around 78.

We stayed in Claregalway and again had to avoid Rockmount. Conditions were okay and stayed just about dry and soon we had rattled up 22.3kms in 1:32:43 (4:09's). Again feeling pretty good having now clocked up more than the marathon distance over the last 2 days.

Breathing still not 100% as I still can't shake off this cold. But I'm definitely heading in the right direction.

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