Friday, January 10, 2014

Put to the sword

I was keen to get back to the 5 minute reps that I was doing in the latter half of 2013 as I really felt they were bringing my running on. I met with my wingman and straight away I informed Fintan that I was only going to do 6 sets of 5 minutes (off  1 minute). I thought that would be a nice and easy welcome...

The usual 10 minute warm-up and then straight into it - my watch was playing silly buggars during the first 5 minute effort and it was telling me I was running sub 2 minute km running blind for that one. And then I settled into a nice enough rhythm for the next couple. We doubled back after 3 and during the 4th effort I started to struggle. The next couple I was running on empty - the breathing was laboured and the legs were heavy. And Fintan was bounding along like Tigger without a care in the world. Oh what a difference a couple of poor training weeks and a bout of illness can make.

Here are the paces per km for each effort:

3:20 (estimate) / 3:19 / 3:19 / 3:20 / 3:20 / 3:23

Not too bad I suppose but I was running these feeling comfortable a month or so ago and today I was on the red-line. But at least it's a start and perhaps there is still a bit of the pox flying around the system.

All up 15.2kms with warm-down.

I'm trying a dry January which is going to be a real test of will-power. I'm only 10 days in and I could already murder a beer...

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