Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tough session...

Out to Dangan for my weekly dose of track. The weather was awful - cold, very wet and windy. I don't feel like I'm hitting my straps and I carried that mentaility into the session expecting to struggle. Guess what - I did....

Usual 3.9km warm-up then the session was 2x1km, 3x2km, 2x1km. The coach said I should be able to run at 3:10/km pace but after the first lap that went out of the window. Grit the teeth, run hard and get the session over with.

My times were very poor. Here goes:


The wind around the final bend and home straight was a real leg sapper. At times I was hardly moving made all the worse by driving rain in the mush. Not pleasant.

Oh well, another session in the bag. I finished up with a 2km warm-down and that's another 15.9km to log.

Darts in the evening. Quarter finals of the cup. I won both my pairs and singles but didn't score that well. No practice all week so happy with that and we won overall to progress to the semis...

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