Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coming into form

What a difference a week makes. Despite a lack of sleep, I was looking forward to tonight's track session. The plan was to run 1km followed by 400m with 60 seconds between efforts and 90 seconds between sets. The volume was reduced and we "only" had to do 5 sets. That's 7km of track running compared with around 10km the last few weeks.

Conditions were spot on. Hardly a breath of wind, bone dry and everyone doing the same session. I was up the front for most of the session and it felt really easy. I only started to feel the pinch halfway through the last set and by that time it was almost over. Times were:


Nice to wind the pace up throughout the session and a sub 3 minute km to report. Long time since I've run one of those. With warm-up (3.9km) and warm down (2.0km) it's another 12.9km to add to the tally.

Everyone in the front group was running well tonight. Some great improvements in times and that bodes well for everyone racing on Sunday. It's getting very competitive at the pointy end which is great for the club.

Darts later in the evening and a league match out at Clarinbridge. We won 6-3 overall and I won both my pairs and singles and I was happy with how I played. The singles was a really close game and I was throwing second in the deciding leg and managed to take out 112 (T20, S20, D16) for the match. Whilst on the darts, I managed to squeeze in some practice today at home (for the first time in a fortnight) and I chalked up my 100th 180 for the year (now at 102). Target is 365 for the year (one a day!).

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David said...

Great session great darts great Spur oh oops!