Sunday, March 25, 2012

Longest Sunday

I met with Owen, Barry and Fintan out at Dangan. We started on the Cathedral Run but added an extra section out towards Ferbo which made for a very pleasant change. The pace started slow with a few 5 minutes kms to kick off with, but the pace gradually picked up as we made our way back to Dangan. The weather was glorious today - blue sky and sunshine and for the first time this last week you could really feel the warmth of the sun.

I never felt comfortable today. It has been a big week of training and with 3 good sessions in the legs already I was looking at the watch more than I normally would. I've been lacking sleep and losing an hour overnight with the clocks changing didn't help things. On the positive it's another very good week of training in the bag and I think I'll be jumping out of my skin when I finally freshen up.

All up 34.2km for the day in 2:26:01 (4:15's). That's 115.9kms for the week and nice to get back over triple figures.

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