Saturday, March 10, 2012


One of the hazards of running around the local back roads is that you often have a few close encounters with dogs. They can hear you coming and they then run out of the driveways and chase you down the road. I'm not afraid of dogs but when an unknown mutt comes charging after you it always gets the blood pumping and tends to cause an injection of 3 minute km pace. I counted 7 dog episodes in one run recently. After a while you know where they are but occasionally you get taken by surprise. No injuries to report yet but a few close shaves. Enough waffle.

Today was 15, 10 and 5 minutes off 3 minutes recovery. I ran up to Carnmore Cross as my warm-up (4.0km), then started my session running back towards Claregalway, then turning off at the Rock Road and continuing around the Claregalway 5km course. After 15 minutes I had covered 4.5km (3:20/km pace). I then jogged back to the start of my 5 minute course (400m) which I was to use for the rest of the session. I ran this out and back for the 10 minute effort turning in 4:54 with a tough run into the wind on the return leg finishing in 10:08 (3:18/km pace). The last 5 minutes I decided to give it a real nudge and with the benefit of the wind I got to my end point in 4:41 and ran on for the full 5 minutes (3:04/km pace).

I felt really strong today. Probably due to the rest day. Nice to get a decent session in to get my confidence back with the feeling I had some still in reserve. Finishing up with 3.7kms warm-down and that gives me 17.3km for the day.


Anonymous said...

I with you Matt about the mutts...I got savaged by a Terrier (of all dogs) 2 weeks ago while out running. The little B.....d left me cut from my back to my ankles. Rocks are my new friend!

Anonymous said...

Its been my experience that shouting a "go on outta that" is not near as effective as a Dogtaser, a great piece of equipment that puts manners on those unruly mutts and sends them scampering off to their darling owners who always say, "ah he is just playing and won't bite"

pmcd20 said...

A few incidents involving dogs myself. One bugger did go for a nip at my leg.

When cycling, A dog ran out and nearly knocked me off the bike. I can understand why they are not tied up but wish the owners keep the gate closed.

And again, great times. ill keep pushing on.