Saturday, March 17, 2012

More snooker

With the final of the PTC Championship in town at the moment it was another opportunity to watch the snooker up close out at the University. I missed out on seeing Judd (knocked out) and Ronnie (withdrew) and instead had the please of watching Andrew Higginson Vs Xiau Guodong in the first QF. A very poor game with lots of missed pots and Higginson eventually winning 4-1.

The second QF was Neil Robertson Vs Joe Perry. This started a lot better with Robertson making a 131 break in the first frame, only for Perry to reply with a century of his own to level things up. The quality of the snooker fell away a little with Perry missing a few easy balls and that presented Robertson with frame winning chances which he didn't miss out on. He went on to win 4-1. Not a bad night but I don't think I'll be rushing back to watch live matches any more...I seem to enjoy it a lot more watching it on the tele...

No running today. Thoughts turn to the race tomorrow. If I can get anywhere near last years time of 53:20 I'll be delighted.

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