Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday session

Another speed session today. This time it was 3 minutes, 6 x 6 minutes, 3 minutes (off 90 seconds recovery). After a 2.4km warm-up I eased into the session and armed with some Garmin data I can report the following:

Duration Pace Distance

3:01 3:30/km 863m
6:00 3:27/km 1.74km
6:00 3:21/km 1.80km
5:59 3:22/km 1.78km
6:01 3:22/km 1.79km
6:01 3:21/km 1.80km
6:02 3:19/km 1.82km
3:00 3:11/km 944m

I ran local and after a slow start, I managed to run well enough for the last 6 efforts. Very tired again after a late night and another night on the beers...

Very impressed with the Garmin. A very useful training aid. I should have got one of these years ago...

All up 18kms for the day after a couple of kms warm-down. A very long run planned for tomorrow...

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