Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pain In the Neck

I managed to twist/crick my neck/shoulder in the drive to Craughwell. Upon arrival I tried jogging very gingerly and I was in a fair bit of discomfort. Time to man up and get this over with...

The run today was a long run around the Craughwell 10 mile course as a bit of a recce for next week's race. Conditions were just about perfect: dry and very little wind. The marathon runners (myself, Owen and Fintan) were joined by Gerry, Paul and Sean who were doing a bit of a tempo session. Our brief was to run a relaxed 2 hours but the other 3 were soon pushing the pace along nicely knocking out a few 6 minute miles along the way. After finishing the first loop, the other 3 ran home leaving us to run another loop. At this point Fintan decided to push on leaving myself and Owen in pursuit. Relaxed it was not!

After completing the second loop we ran back to the school where we had started. All up 30.2km (18.8 miles) in 2:02:59. That's 4:04/km pace so a good honest clip.

Neck still very sore and had to resort to painkillers when I got home.

Another 100km week to report - this time 109.3kms. That's 5 on the trot now and 7 out of the last 8 weeks. Very consistent. Looking forward to the race next week - the course is superb - very flat with only a few drags and should be a good field to help get dragged around.

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