Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pyramid session with bells on

Out to Dangan for another track session. I made the decision to run the session comfortably and wouldn't be pushing the pace but again I felt pretty good and was very happy with the outcome.

After an initial 3.7km warm-up and a few drills it was time to find out what delights were in store. The group session was 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400 off one minute but the marathon guys (me and Owen) had to run a bonus km at the start and end of the session. Cheers.

I eased into it and ran the first km very controlled. Then we joined the main group and rolled out the session. Here are my times:

1km 3:12
400m 1:13
800m 2:27
1200m 3:39
1600m 4:57
1200m 3:43
800m 2:24
400m 1:06
1km 3:04

I was getting more than a minute recovery as we were taking the minute from the middle of the quick group so I was getting an extra 5 to 20 seconds depending on the length of the previous effort. The times were very pleasing as I could still feel the 10 mile race in the legs but despite that I seemed to be bounding along strongly.

Finishing up with a 2km warm-down. All up 14.1kms for the day.

The darts match was cancelled but that didn't stop me going down the boozer for some practice post run. Another late night...

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