Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Longest Wednesday

The brief was to run 1hr30 today. I headed out at lunchtime and armed with a Garmin that I have on loan (thanks Brendan!), I decided to run a new route. Basically I ran from Claregalway to Oranmore village (8kms), then ran a further 3km along the coast road heading towards Galway. At 11kms I then turned and ran the same route in reverse giving me 22kms all up in 1:31:21 (4:09's).

I felt pretty tired throughout but despite that the pace was quite quick. I'll take that as being a good sign that I'm running well. My first ever Garmin run and I feel like I bonded well. My eyesight is not the greatest without glasses so I need to reconfigure the display to make the text a bit bigger. Looking at the manual that seems to be fairly straight-forward. Impressed thus far.

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