Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cork Day 3

Today was a long run. I delayed the run until the afternoon which is never good as you have it hanging over you. I had no idea where to run so did a large flat out and back run out past Ballincollig until I ran out of footpath. That got me around 1hr 45 mins so I then did some mini-loops down by the river to get the distance up. All up 32kms (estimate) in 2:20:26 (4:23/km pace). Slow but good time on the feet and another 20 miler in the legs (weather good except for the icy sleet shower for the first 10 minutes).

I really need to get one of those Garmin thingamejigs as it's all well and good when you run locally and you know your distances but not so good when running in new locations. I think I'd also find the pace you are running at very handy. If anyone wants to buy me a 610 then I'd be eternally grateful!

All up 124.7kms for the week.

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