Thursday, February 05, 2009

More hills...

It was another barmy evening - 33 degrees as I set off into the State Forest.

Total time 1:41:12 so a bit quicker than last week. Pleasing given the heat.

I was 14:23 at the top of the first hill, 34:25 at the roundabout and 53:55 at the T-intersection.

For anyone trying this run I would thoroughly recommend it. The run itself starts at Palmdale Cemetery (quite apt), the first section is flattish on the road, then after 1.5km or so you turn off up Wallaby Lane. Then you are confronted with the first hill. It makes Awaba St look like a speed bump. If you can run the whole way up this first hill (approx 6 minutes) you are doing very well. The terrain is mixed - gravel, sand, clay, rocks. You have to be a little careful in places, especially if you are a long streak of misery like me. I'd say the run is almost like a giant version of LCNP. It's predominantly uphill on the way out to the T intersection. I counted 15 uphill sections today, 8 before the roundabout and a further 7 after (veering left at the roundabout). An uphill section is defined as a run of at least 100m of solid uphill. Some is long gradual up, other sections are very steep. On the way back it's much easier. Only a couple of climbs to speak of. Hence the reason for the big negative split. Finish back at the cemetery.

Enough waffle. I'm feeling that I'm making progress and this 20km run would be more like 25km+ on the road given the tough terrain. Time for a break before the 10km race on Saturday.

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