Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Forest of Hate

Same run again starting at Palmdale.

I was 13:52 at the top of the first hill and 33:27 at the roundabout. Reached the T in 52:22. Wasn't feeling particularly great, a little low on energy, plus the heat (30 degrees) knocking me around. I did an extra 20 minutes or so past the T (10 mins out and back) and finished up with a total of 2:00:43. The time to the T and back would be 1:40:03 so a little slower than last week.

I still think I'm recovering from that killer massage. All up 24km. Oh yeah, the left knee - definitely an improvement but it still needs to settle down a bit.

I may do 10km easy tomorrow as I missed this run on Wednesday. I'll see how I feel.

Plus Conor said his first words today: "Da da". Well done son!

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