Monday, August 18, 2014

New focus

Had a good talk to the coach (he who must be obeyed) and there is to be more of a focus on speedwork for the next 4 weeks. And it was to be a bread and butter session of 12 x 400's off a minute which I really enjoy. Ideally on the track but with kids at home my only option was the treadmill....

So after my 2km warm-up, I did some very quick strides to get the HR up. I'm talking well under 3 minute per km pace - 15 seconds on, 30 seconds recovery - times 5.

Then I set the treadmill to 66 second per 400m pace (2:45/km). The aim was to get the HR up above 153 each 400m. Failed in the first 2 but from there on I was getting into the zone nicely. Each one was getting progressively harder and by 10 I'd had enough. But managed to finish the session with the HR peaking at around 157 at the end.

Usual warm-down of 2km to give me 8.8kms for the day. Happy with that as was the coach.

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