Tuesday, August 05, 2014

5 x 2 mins off 120 secs

A final sharpener of a session. I ran out to the same stretch of road where I did my 3 minute efforts last week (2.8km warm-up). The target heart rate to try and get to was 153+. Knew that would be tough with the shorter time period.

The approach was to run as hard as I could for each 2 minutes. That worked fine but the first rep was nothing more than a warm-up with me hitting a mac HR of 143. The second one was a bit better (149) and then the 3rd, 4th and 5th I just about crept up to 153 by the end of the rep. Feeling guilty I decided to run a bonus 2 minutes and managed to get up to 155. I was covering an average of 675m each 2 minute effort so that's around 2:58/km pace on average. Not too bad.

Warm-down of 2.8kms back home. All up 9.7kms for the day.

Out in the evening for darts. I beat the old man 15-9 and played well. Checkouts of 128, 117, 107 and 100 and the scoring wasn't too shabby either.

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