Sunday, August 03, 2014

Hour of power

Bottled the outside run and went on the treadmill. Usual 2 up then the hour of threshold running. Was dreading it but once I got going the 5 minute segments (my way of breaking it down) seemed to tick by nicely. The heart rate took an age to rise (despite a quick start) but after about 10 minutes I was bottom of zone. I pulled the pace back a little and found that my heart rate stayed very stable for the next 40 minutes or so (143 to 145). I went through 5km in 16:23, 10km in 32:59, 15km in 49:59, 10 miles in 53:40, and ended up with 17.9kms in 59:55. Okay treadmill running flatters your pace/distance but still a very decent hit-out at the bottom of my threshold zone.

2km to finish with for 21.9kms for the day.

That's 104.0kms for the week. Lots of quality in there so hopefully I'm in good nick now for the Streets. I forgot to mention I did some strides on Tuesday and Thursday at the end of my recovery runs just to get the legs ticking over at 5km pace.

Then more fun with numerous beers and some food in town. Galway is a great place to be during race week.

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