Sunday, June 30, 2013

Not coasting on the Coast Road

Out at 9am with Owen starting at Roscam. Conditions were very windy and whilst it stayed dry for the first half of the run, the rain came making the second half pretty miserable.

We ran out through Oranmore, then onto Maree where we completed about 5km of the 8km course out there. Then doubled back with the last section of the Coast Road being very tough running for about 20 minutes straight into the wind (probably at around 5 mins/km pace).

All up 27.2kms in 2:02:03 (4:29's). That's 105.4kms for the week and a decent couple of sessions in the bag in the process. Very happy with how things are going.

Next week I'll do a big track session on Tuesday, then wind things back in preparation for the three 5km races I have scheduled.

I watched the Diamond League athletics from Birmingham in the afternoon. Jess Judd had another great run winning the 800m in 1:59.85 and securing her first sub 2 and more importantly her ticket to compete in Moscow. Then the men's 5,000m which Mo won with another stunning last lap - especially the last 200m where he put the 2 fancied Ethiopians to the sword (Yenew Alamirew and Hagos Gebrhiwet). Looks to be in great form and when he describes 13:15 as slow you'd have to say he has plenty more to come...

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