Saturday, June 22, 2013

Recovery Run

Legs were in bits today - didn't stretch properly after the race and all that. I decided I'd shake the legs out with an hour run but didn't feel any better cometh the end. Total 15.0kms in 1:07:51 (4:31's).

I suppose it's only natural that the recovery process takes longer as you get older. In the same way it now takes me an eternity to recover after a big night on the falling down water, I'm noticing a similar pattern after a tough run....

Watched a bit of the athletics on the Beeb today - the European Team Championships held in Gateshead. Great viewing. Mo dropped in a quick last lap of the 5,000m (50.89 seconds!) after jogging round for 4,600m. A great win for Jess Judd in the 800m who ran 2 minutes flat. There looks to be a fair bit of young talent in the British team coming through. Good signs.

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