Thursday, February 02, 2012

Progressive run

The session today was an 8 mile progressive run starting at MP and finishing at HMP. My lunchtime running window disappeared and that meant an evening visit to the gym on the treadmill. I started off at 16.5km/hour and every km I notched it up by 0.1km/hour. At 10km I notched it up 0.2km/hour and repeated that at 11km and 11.5km finishing with 12km in close to 42 minutes (ave 3:30/km pace). With the run to and from the gym plus an additional 2km warm-up/down on the treadmill I registered 17.8km for the day. A bloody good sweat but not as hard as this session would have been on the road.

Later that evening I finally managed a massage. Wasn't too painful except for a few sore spots around my calves. A couple of easy days now before XC on Sunday. Yes I'm racing XC on Sunday - Masters at Boyle (7km in the mud). Hating the thought of it...

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