Monday, February 06, 2012

Big week

I need to start hitting my straps this week. I felt a lot better today and headed out for an easy loop of 11.3kms. I felt good from the start and covered the loop in 44:20 (3:55's). Amazing what a rest day can do - even if it was enforced.

A couple of big sessions required this week. Starting with km reps on the track tomorrow night. Maybe 10 at 10km pace...


Anonymous said...

Back on the track tonight myself after running 17:51 for 5km on Saturday, a massive PB for me :)

What's the best way to keep up the motivation to become faster? My calf was in bits after the run and I couldn't run any more over the weekend :(

BeerMatt said...

Good run. Sounds like you're improving in spades! I will do my 5km progression at some point and stick it up on the Blog as requested.

If you enjoy the training and you're still getting better then that should be enough motivation to keep going. The body will soon bounce back after a tough session and once you become more conditioned you can keep pushing yourself harder and more regularly. Good luck with the training - it sounds like you'll be breaking 17 minutes in no time.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Matt, really hope I have the ability to break 17!

Did 7*800m last night, all in 2:40 bar the last in 2:38, which felt all out. Not bad considering it was sub-zero.