Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Track day. Windy and wet and soaked after a heavy shower in the 3.9km warm-up.

Today was a sharpening up session before 6 weeks of marathon specific trackwork. This was great as it meant the middle distance and long distance guys could train together to push things along.

The session was 5 sets of 600m/500m/400m. One minute recovery between efforts and 3 minutes between sets. That was plenty. Our group of 8 or so decided to target lap pace of 76/73/70 seconds for each rep which gives target times of 1:54/1:31/1:10 (the aim was to run the 600m at 5km pace and then work the subsequent shorter reps a few seconds a lap quicker). There was a stiff wind around the final bend/home straight that made each lap easy then hard in terms of effort.

Despite the wet track I felt great from the get go. Times were as follows:


This is the best I have run all year. Okay the times are flattered by the long recovery but it was nice to run some quick laps again and being in the group meant the session seemed to tick along nicely.

I finished up with a 2.4km warm-down so all up 13.8kms for the day.

Our team finally won at darts 5-4. Not helped by me much though - I won my pairs but played a shocker in the singles losing in a deciding leg. No consistency on the match board at the moment. I think the running is taking too much out of me!

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