Sunday, February 05, 2012

More sickness

Got home around midnight and started to feel very ill. Spent all night being/feeling sick. I eventually went to bed at 10am and had to pull the pin on XC as a result. Apologies for letting the team down - I would have given anything to be feeling better than I was - even if that meant running XC! Not sure if it was food poisining or a bug. I suspect the former as I could still taste the curry 24 hours later. Not good.

So no run today. A pretty poor week to be honest. Ice skating on the track Tuesday, a poor session on the treadmill on Thursday and nothing of note for the weekend. Looking at the positives my legs should have at least freshened up after the massage and rest day...

85.kms for the week.

England won the World Cup of darts and Ronnie won the German Masters. Get in.

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