Thursday, February 09, 2012

Marathon pace efforts

Today's session was 3 x 2 miles at marathon pace with 2 minutes recovery. I decided to use my short mile course (my latest estimate is that it is 3.07km out and back). So what's my marathon pace? It was 3:31/km at Dublin in my last marathon and whilst I think that's going to be beyond me that's what I went with. My target was therefore 10:48 for each rep...didn't sound too bad.

Conditions were great today. Very little wind about and nice and cool. I felt pretty comfortable throughout but had the usual thoughts of "there is no way I can keep this pace up for 42.2kms"....

Here are the times:


The 2 minutes recovery felt too long but I took it nonetheless...

All up 16.0kms with warm-up and down.

Darts premier league starts tonight. That's the next 15 weeks of Thursday nights sorted!

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