Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Legs heavier than lead balloons

It's all part of marathon training running on tired legs. I guess you are trying to simulate running the last 6 miles/10kms of the marathon that can make or break your time. Well tonight was another tough one. A track session of 1600m followed by 400m and 5 sets to keep you honest. That's 25 laps of the track which is enough to send anyone dizzy.

Usual warm-up of 3.9kms. Recoveries were tight tonight - 45 seconds after the 1600m, then a minute after the 400m. Target times were 10km pace for the miles (5:12), and target 5km pace for the 400s (72 seconds).

Here are the times:


After the first mile the coach said that I looked too comfortable and that I needed to come down to 5:08's (insert swear words). I responded and ran the next 4 under that pace but it was a real effort. The legs were in bits so it was nice to turn in a decent session when the legs and the brain were not as one.

Another 5 laps of the track as warm-down. All up 15.9kms for the day.

Darts in the evening and finally a decent win of 8-1. Our team was at full strength and I won both my pairs and singles. The singles went to a deciding leg and I took out 76 to win the match in very unconventional style - single 1, semi-bull, bull. Game shot.

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